I have found it is natural for most artists to wax about other mediums. In my case, I am most taken by film and music. Since I have already shared one film post, I thought it was time to share some music.

Unfortunately, due to my WordPress space limitations, I cannot upload the actual song for you which is a damn shame because the true appreciation of this piece does not come from the lyrics alone. They’re relatively simplistic – “Ooh sweet lover, I got lost, I’ve got to get back home…” but when set to the striking, almost clashing guitars and the ethereal-haunting operatic female back up singer, the song really takes off.

Sometimes when I listen to it I feel like I’m in church – the kind of church where people would fully disclose their sins, specifically. People would probably openly weep and hold each in other in the pews. I would even accept someone being overcome by the image of Jesus in a frankincense holder and fainting. So this would be a Catholic church – that’s what I default to, I guess.

Simultaneously, I could see couples having extremely intense sex off to the side somewhere, almost like a kind of prayer to God. A religious and sexual (aren’t they almost the same thing sometimes?) ecstasy.

SIDENOTE: I went on a wild goose chase search for an appropriate religious/sexual ecstasy image and came up empty handed. Nothing fit exactly what I had in mind. Too bad I can’t paint or draw…

U2’s “With or Without You” video is probably a good visual representation of “Lost.” Thematically, they are very similar so the connection makes sense. The video is black and white, very head-thrown-back in throes of passion.

So, that’s my musical recommendation for the week. I hope to update with some more captivating lyrics soon.