I wake up to a radio morning show I normally dismiss as nothing more than my annoying alarm, but today, this semi-decent station was actually hosting something really interesting. They found a web site celebrating the 40th anniversary (gosh, there’s a lot of those around recently) of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

I felt like the clock had jumped off my dresser and hit my head. Say what? 40 years since we landed on the moon? No way. But yes, it has been that long.

We Choose the Moon is full of interesting factoids about the shuttle’s mission – from the stage tracker to 1969 costs of living, I could play around on this site for hours. But the most amazing thing – and the main attraction – to this site is the real-time broadcast of the mission, as it happened. You can listen to the entire transmission between the astronauts and mission control!

I’m particularly jazzed up about this because I didn’t find any of my favorite blogs posting about this today.

So go – follow Buzz and Neil – even if you weren’t there 40 years ago. And if you were lucky enough to be there, relive it.

It’s June, aka gay pride, which means I’ll be searching for cool (and possibly free) gay events happening this month.

I’m really excited about this event which is being hosted by the New York Public Library.

And just for fun:


Gay Liberation Front, 1969 (by Diane Davies)

Gay Liberation Front, 1969 (by Diane Davies)

and now….

Gay is the New Black cover (courtesy of The Advocate)

Gay is the New Black cover (courtesy of The Advocate)