may save this adult’s sanity.

I attended a volunteer orientation at the non-profit’s Superhero Supply Co. store today. I left feeling invigorated at the idea of workshopping poetry and short stories with some feisty middle schoolers. Not to mention, 826 hosts a reading series for its volunteers called Knight of Time. Insert massive excitement here.

On a personal note (aside from the mention of saving my sanity), I think getting involved with an organization like this will be a huge positive change. I’m not sure how I’ll work with the kids, but most of my trepidation has subsided. Working with other artistic-minded people happily occupies me.

I love starting something new, especially a new writing endeavor, because just the thought of it motivates me to write more.

Hopefully, I’ll get an email from the volunteer contact at 826 and I can start TA-ing for a workshop this summer.
The sooner I take the plunge, the better.

We should all be so lucky to do something we love.