As the Phillies clinched the World Series title, I had a thought:

If a team who had been on losing streak for the last 28 years could finally break through, could Barack Obama winning the election be that far behind?

Photo credit: NY Times

Maybe I’m  jinxing his chances by writing this so close to November 4, but at this point, I really do believe the die has been cast. I think we’re either going to rise up as one and pledge to make some serious changes.  Or, somehow – and God knows I cannot understand how or why – those of us who have been fighting to get our country back will be defeated by those who want to run us into the ground.

I have to believe, though, that love will triumph over hate, integrity over corruption, progressive thinking over the status quo, passion over complacency.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I have never been so afraid for the fate of the country-at-large, but also for myself. I am convinced that if the rule doesn’t change fast, it will be dire consequences for what I hope to accomplish in my life, not to mention just buying groceries next week.

But if the Phillies’ victory is any indication of what’s to come, we’ll all soon ban together and usher in a new era of American – and world – politics. We will see ourselves through the last of the darkest hour and into the dawn…