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When I was seventeen, I got the nickname Grits. My friend, Q (yes, I admit that sounds almost as strange as Grits) bestowed the name upon me because he said it described the tone of my poetry: gritty. It also coincidentally shared an internal rhyme with my given name, Britt. To this day, there are only a handful of people who know me as this name. They are fellow writers who, along with Q, experienced an artistic adventure during the summer of 2000.

When I’ve been at the end of my creative rope, I’ve often called upon that summer and those friends/writers for inspiration. So it seems only natural that I should title my blog after that appropriately chosen nickname.

It was eight years ago and I can still remember the specific smells of The College of New Jersey campus, the bad cafeteria food, and poking fun at Loser Hall (pronounced Low-sher) where we workshopped our poetry and fiction. 

Which brings me to the one of the central principles of this blog: the future. I have always been a person obsessed with the past – relationships, parental and familial breakdowns, the accomplishments, travels, the disappointments, jobs gained and lost, music, clothing, books, streets I used to wander down – basically anything there was to ruminate on, I’ve ruminated, marinated, and probably could have seasoned a thousand steaks by now.

About two months ago, I moved to New York. And something changed. (Well, doesn’t something always change when you move to New York?) But it was huge – bigger than I expected. I realized I still had a hell of a lot of growing up do. A lot of figuring out and tweaking. (Tweaking isn’t quite the right word, but it’s hilarious and I hope you enjoy mocking it.) Perhaps I can give you a smile with that one.

So the focus of this blog isn’t on any one topic, per se – except that it must drive towards new ideas and philosophies. It can use the past when necessary, as in the way we are supposed to use the past – as a means of understanding ourselves and the world. No more packaging of my own mastications.

And this I believe will taste much sweeter.