I started this blog in an effort to put my creative efforts first. It is a departure from my more diary-style blog at Livejournal.com.

Grits For You does not have a specific theme in mind except art and politics. The main drive for me is look toward the future and keep the rear view mirror effect to a minimum unless I am truly moved to write about a thing/person of the past.

Grits is a nickname I earned at a high school summer writing program. I would prefer all comments/other correspondence to be addressed to Grits. I’m not keeping complete anonymity, I just like the name and I think it’s more memorable.

But since you’re here, it’s a bit about me:

Poet/writer of anything and everything
Born and raised in Jersey
Recently transplanted New Yorker
A little crazy
with a tendency to
dance in public,
worry excessively,
over analyze,
and get passionate while watching politically-based TV shows.

Big cities
Small bookstores
Hosting gatherings
Old jeans and sweatshirts
Holding hands
Surprise visits
Highly educated people
Reading and writing on the subway

One-track minds
Lack of spontaneity
Feeling too full after a meal
Inconsiderate drivers
Expensive clothes that fall apart quickly
Public harassment
Reality TV (I have a couple of exceptions to this)


3 Responses to “About: A Taste for Grits”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey there – read your poetry at Moon Milk. I was published there in their first issue. Loved your work. I’m also from Jersey- and also going to the New School in the fall for my MFA. Care to chat about writing? I’m at lisambasile@gmail.com

    1. gritsforyou Says:

      Hi there!

      Thanks for your note. I’d love to chat about writing – especially with another New School student! Awesome.

      I just returned from vacation, so I’m just catching up on my email. I’m actually part of a reading that’s being held this Thursday, June 17 at LaunchPad in Brooklyn. It would be awesome if you could come – it would be a great place to meet up! It’s from 8 to 10. If not, we can get together some other time.

      Thanks again for reading!

  2. I really liked “13 ways of living without you” from Moon Milk Review. When I read your bio and it said you had work forthcoming from anderbo, I grinned and looked at the poem again and thought: Yeah, that seems ’bout right.

    It has that ring of realism and surrealism that the best work from anderbo tends to have.

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